Bali, My Best Summer Holiday Destination

Balinese Family When I think about Summer and the beach, my mind goes to an island called Bali. The place where local culture, lo...

Balinese Family

When I think about Summer and the beach, my mind goes to an island called Bali. The place where local culture, local food and local people are nice and they are very welcome to international culture. 

It's been 14 years I never come back to Bali since moving to Jakarta. I was lived in Bali  for about four and half years, and It was my my last year in junior high school. It's been a very long time, huh?! You can imagine how miss I am about Bali. HA! 

Ngurah Rai International Airport

And the day is come. My best friends and I planned the holiday in Bali. We were 7 people and It was 5 days vacation in the end of August, when you still have the final chance to feel the summer holiday before everybody from around the world are back to their country. I mean, if you want to meet many cool people from overseas but not too crowded, make sure you come to Bali before September. And I think December are the most peak season, everywhere. I don't recommend that. But hey,  it's my personal opinion. :)

My best friends and I in Pandawa Beach.
From left to right: Alim, Rere, Ali (at the back), me, Andrew (with hat), Dia, and Dani

Me, selfie at Pandawa Beach :p

Our holiday in Bali was in tight budget or I love to call it, "Budget-Wise". We planned everything before we got there. Even we held several meeting to discuss about this, and we did some online research. Seriously, it might be too over reacting, but we want everybody happy. That was the goal. 

a Woman, reading while tanning herself at Padang Padang Beach

Dia and I in Padang Padang Beach
These are my few tips which are important to know before planning your holiday in Bali, without using traveling agency:

Plan your holiday at least 3 months before you get there. It's important to get the best price for your airplane ticket. The more time for you to compare the ticket price, the chance to get the best one is widely open. For this travel, we used Lion Air (Indonesian Airline), I know, in my traveling experiences using this airline, delay is like the middle name of this airline, But if you can deal with it, you can use it. Or, if you have 6 months or a year before, try Air Asia. Maybe you can get the best deal.

Book your hotel online. You might get the hotel when you arrive in Bali, but for me it's too risky and it's not hassle-free. In fact, you can get the best price and additional services for free. I recommend for your accommodation, best place with best price and get extra "feeling like home". Hehehe..You can save $25 too by signing up here

Rent a Car for group or couple travelers. If you traveling with your friends or family, I recommend you to rent a car with English speaking driver, especially if you're not local tourist. I don't suggest you to self-drive, so everyone can enjoy their time without being exhausted or get lost in the middle of nowhere. Don't worry, it's worth of every moment you spend in your holiday. It's even cheap if you traveling with group.

Map your road trip. You might already have your own destination list during your holiday there. Before deciding the place you would like to go, make sure you discuss it with your driver, so you can make time efficiency. You should come up with plan A and plan B. Mostly, our destination were beaches. Start from Kuta, Pandawa, Padang-Padang, Klapa Lounge, Potato Beach Club. For night life, I prefer walk around Kuta and Legian. There so many club, cafĂ© and restaurant you can visit. The happening club around there is Sky Garden. The club is big and have some music genre you can enjoy with; from R n'B, progressive, trance, etc.  

We need to line up to get seat at Potato Head Beach Club,
a must visit place in Bali

We invited Ryan and Alink, our friends and co workers, who live in Bali

Top view of Potato Head Beach Club from the balcony

Relaxing while waiting for the food and drink

Don't be afraid to try local street food or local restaurant. Since they're cheap and delicious. I never regret to try any street food except pork. I know I'm muslim, but it's because of healthy reason. Just make sure you're looking for the "Halal Sign" or better asking to the seller. 

Bring home some goodies or merchandise from traditional market or store. I love buy some goodies at Pasar Sukawati or Toko Krisna for budget wise. Both are the most favorite shopping places for hunting local goods. You can get affordable prices. You can even bargain for the half price at Pasar Sukawati. 

My favorite goodies from Bali

So guys, plan your holiday in Bali now, coz my holiday was good and I hope the same for you. Happy Holiday!

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